Children’s Wellbeing


Our children’s wellbeing is at the centre of our ethos and we take every step to ensure their safety, nutrition, happiness and independence.


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We believe high quality food is fundamental the well being of our children and their development and therefore The Little House is an organic based nursery. Our philosophy is to use organic produce at all times whenever possible. Madame Gautier has been providing us with fresh nutritious food for eight years as they source their meat and produce from local farms. Madame Gautier also has five stars for hygiene and health. All our snacks are organic.


We take the security of your child extremely seriously and have OFSTED approved procedures in place with the addition of video cam entry phone. All our staff are fully DBS checked personally by the Little House regardless of whether this has already been done by a previous employer. Staff are re checked every three years.

All staff who care for children have Level 3 Safeguarding Training which is updated every other year.


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All employees have up to Level 3 Safeguarding Training