Over Two’s Room


lg_118:00 – 9:00am Children arrive, free play

9:00am Breakfast

9:30am Circle time: stories, action songs, singing, show and tell

9.50am Monday: Bread Making, Tuesday: Ballet, Wednesday: Yoga, Thursday: Theatre Bugs, Monday and Friday: Music, Montessori, sand and/or water play throughout the week.

10:40am Snack time

11:00am Routine changing time (children are obviously changed at other times during the morning when immediately necessary), Story books/puzzles/colouring

11:30pm Art & Craft

12:00 The children play outside in the nursery playground or local playgrounds

12:45pm Lunch

13:15pm Routine changing time/tooth brushing

13:30 Sleep

15:00 Children wake up

15:30 Children play in the playground

15:45 Snack time

16:15 Routine changing time, story time, puzzles, colouring

16:45 Art & Craft

17:15 Free play, play dough

18:00 Nursery Closes


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