Caring for your Children

Our aim first and foremost is to provide your child with a happy, loving and secure environment in which he or she can learn and develop at an individual pace. Within this carefully prepared environment, we will help the children become confident, independent and able to socialise whilst developing their potential. We will, at all times, encourage throughout the school, respect, thoughtfulness and consideration to one another and all living creatures. We see attending nursery as one of the most important events in the lives of children and parents.

Our Team

Our staff are trained to the highest standards and our staff/child ratios meet and often exceed OFSTED recommendations. The Little House has have a very low turn over of staff, leading to a happy, consistent environment for our children.

Settling In

We welcome parents to stay for a short while to settle children in and we do all we can to assist you with this process. We pride ourselves on our family feel and we find that children quickly settle in and are very happy in our environment.

Toilet Training

We toilet train the children ourselves, we readily assist parents whilst children are with us, noting down nappy changes, taking children to the toilet at regular intervals and communicating with the child’s parent/carer at the start and end of each session.

Food and Nutrition

We believe high quality food is fundamental the well being of our children and their development and therefore The Little House is an organic based nursery. Our philosophy is to use organic produce at all times whenever possible. Madame Gautier has been providing us with fresh nutritious food for eight years as they source their meat and produce from local farms. Madame Gautier also has five stars for hygiene and health. All our snacks are organic.

You can view our 2020 menu here