Krazy Kat Theatre

Krazy Kat Theatre visits The Little House!

This week we were visited by the Krazy Kat Theatre coming which has been performing at The Little House since 1998. A fully professional touring company, they create innovative and imaginative visual theatre and specialise in introducing young people and their grown-ups to the delights of live visual theatre combining mime, dance, song, Commedia dell Arte, puppets and sign language. This year the performance was Baba Yaga, about a witch who is deaf and has bony legs. She lives in deepest Russia and rides the night skies in her mortar, using the pestle as a rudder and sweeping away any tracks behind her with her broom. And her house has…chicken legs! But when a passing Princess needs help, and a local yokel proves less than resourceful, the story tumbles into a rabble rousing riot of colour, magic and middle European intrigue. And what’s all this about a mysterious chant “Turn your back to the forest, and your front to me”? The children and their parents were captivated by this innovative performance.

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