Learning & Education

Learning and education is at the heart of The Little House Day Nursery and we believe it should be fun, engaging and creative.

The Montessori Method

Maria Montessori believed that the child’s most absorbent period was from child birth to six and she realised the importance of providing constant stimulation in order to encourage this. As a result of this belief, she recommended that children participate daily in Practical Life exercises designed not only to help children become aware and appreciative of their environment but also for helping them to develop both dexterity and co-ordination, from gross to fine motor skills. 

Furthermore, she also developed graded sensorial material which brings to children a sense of order within their environment whilst also giving them an excellent grounding in sensory language and number skills.

Learning Letters

The children will be prepared for letters once they have mastered the Practical Life exercises, and their fine motor skills have developed. It is a widely held belief that children at such a tender age should not be pushed in to reading but should only be introduced to the alphabet when it is felt they are ready to do so.
Once children have learnt the alphabet phonetically then they will be ready to move on to word building and eventually reading, using a wide variety of Montessori and non-Montessori materials. Above all, emphasis will be upon having fun and enjoying the learning process.

Learning & Culture

At The Little House, there is an emphasis on the Natural World and we provide the children with many exciting projects in order to help them appreciate the wonders of nature including gardening. Additionally, the children are introduced to cultural subjects such as discovering how people live in different lands as well as learning about animals, insects, birds, geography and a small amount of science work such as magnets, floating objects, discoveries with ice, light and colour as well as basic science through cookery.

Art, Craft, Music & Culture

Children always have great fun in discovering art and they will be free to use the many materials provided. They are, under close supervision, able to explore art in its many forms, from brush painting, finger painting, sponge painting, sticking, collage and making models whilst having a great time.
Each day at The Little House is carefully structured in order to provide children with free time in which they are able to explore the many and varied activities in the Little House as well as group time, which includes circle time, story time, project artwork, singing, musical instruments, dancing, movement and drama.
There are also periods set aside for children in which they can do their Practical Life exercises, puzzles, colouring, language, number and sensorial work in small groups with their key person.
The day is structured in order that each child can have an enjoyable time with all the varied activities available but are also free to explore the environment safely.